Terms of Service


The purpose of this document (hereinafter the "Terms of Use") is to define the terms and conditions under which "WEEZED" trademark of ZeMust SAS with a capital of € 4,000 registered with the RCS of Versailles under the number 803 055 292, whose registered office is located at 4 Rue des Epinettes 78630 Morainvilliers, and the offices at 6 rue de la Gare 78300 Poissy, hereinafter referred to as "ZeMust", makes available to its users, on the one hand the website www.weezed.fr (hereinafter the "Site"), and the services available on the Website and, on the other hand, the manner in which the user accesses the Site and uses its services.

1) Acceptance of Terms of Use

Any connection to the Site is subject to compliance with these conditions.

For the user, the mere access to the ZeMust website at the following URL www.weezed.fr implies the acceptance of all the conditions described below.

a) The site of www.weezed.fr (hereinafter the "Site") is an electronic platform that displays a number of services or products and named privileges, preferential offers, contests offered for sale by ZeMust partners (hereinafter referred to as "the Offer"). The Site will allow the user (Organization and its members) upon accession (hereinafter the "Organization" or the "User") to access the Offer. The nature and / or extent of the services proposed in the Offer may be modified at any time by ZeMust and these will be updated.

b) Use and access to the Offer are reserved for Organizations (companies, associations, communities, Club):

In the first place, the Organization is invited to fill in a registration form and so to communicate to ZeMust personal information such as last name, first name, e-mail address, postal address or telephone number of his organization and its members. All this information is mandatory (except the mobile phone number), any User agrees to answer all questions contained in the registration form, failing which the request for membership in Weezed cannot be taken into account.

Secondly, when registering, the User may be asked if he / she wishes to:

• Subscribe to the "Newsletter" or " subscriber's letter ": the User must answer yes or no; in the latter case, he will have to uncheck the pre-checked box provided for this purpose.

• Receive information from Weezed's third party partners: the User must answer yes or no by checking or abstaining from ticking the box provided for this purpose.

Finally, the User is invited, at the time of registration, to read and accept without reservation these Terms of Use and the Site Privacy Notice (hereinafter, the "Notice"), Notice describing the type of personal data collected on the Site and how it may be used or shared, also available online. Any use of the Site is carried out within the framework of the rules defined in the Terms of Use and in the Notice and implies therefore their acceptance without reserve. In the event that the User does not agree to adhere to the Terms of Use and the Notice, the registration process will terminate immediately. ZeMust retains the date of acceptance, which is the agreed date of the conclusion of this contract between the Organization and Weezed.

c) Modification of the Organization's choices: At any point of time, the Organization has the possibility to modify the choices it made when registering and to decide to:

• no longer receive the "Newsletter" or "subscriber's letter": in this case, the Organization must click on the link provided for this purpose which is at the bottom of each "Newsletter" or " subscriber's letter " It receives or in the "Modification" section. The Organization has also the possibility to click to stop receiving the "Newsletter" or "subscriber's letter" on the box provided for this purpose in the Organization area;

• no longer receive information from ZeMust's third-party partners: The Organization must then go to the "Modification" section and after logging in to its user account, it must tick the box provided for this purpose;

• no longer to be Organization: to do this, the Organization must also go to the "Modification" section and after logging in to its user account, it must tick the box provided for this purpose.

We recommend that each Organization print these Terms of Use and keep them for future reference. In the event that an Organization disagrees with these Terms of Use, ZeMust asks him not to use the Site.

2) Login – Forms

To access the communication services, each Organization must complete the registration form on the site as described above.

Thus, he undertakes to complete the form correctly, and in particular to communicate only correct and up-to-date, complete and accurate information identifying him. In particular, it undertakes not to use a pseudonym, especially in the email address, which could infringe the rights of third parties (including use of the surname, pseudonym, the mark of others, or protected works by copyright and / or neighboring right) in any capacity whatsoever and whatever the basis. ZeMust reserves the right to refuse and / or require the correction of the pseudonym and / or the e-mail addresses concerned. You will receive an email confirming the validation of your registration. Weezed confirms the acceptance of the membership to the Organization to the email address that it has communicated. The contract will only be concluded upon sending the membership confirmation by email. Automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of joining the Services.

3) How to contact us ?

At any time, the Organization or the User may contact Weezed team and ask questions, whatever the subject, through the heading "CONTACT US". For that, it is enough for him to click on the link which will lead at to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If at the end of this one, the Organization or the User has not found an answer to his question, he will be offered a form to fill out which he can send to the service of his choice included in an exhaustive list. The Organization or the User must communicate a valid e-mail address otherwise the message will not be sent.

4) Additional Terms

In addition, the use of certain Services or parts of the Site may require the respect of rules or lines of conduct that may be added in addition to these Terms of Use and the Notice. These are Additional Terms which are or will be indicated in the form of warnings available on the relevant part of the Site and / or when accessing certain Services, and which must be accepted by the Organization prior to any use. These rules and policies of the Additional Terms are deemed to be an integral part of the Terms of Use. The term "Terms of Use" therefore includes the Additional Terms.

5) Service Changes

Any new service incorporating new techniques or features that improve the quality of existing services will also be subject to these "Terms of Use" unless expressly provided otherwise.

6) Changes to the Terms of Use

ZeMust may freely modify the Terms of Use at any time to adapt them to changes in the Site and / or its operation. Therefore, we invite each Organization to refer to it at each visit in order to read the latest version of the "Terms of Use" permanently available online on our Site. Each Organization is then free not to access the Site and / or the Services if the Terms of Use do not suit it.

7) Conditions of use of the services of the Partners

In order to provide as much information as possible likely to interest the Organization, ZeMust has set up a network of relations with partner companies. We can recognize that there is a partnership especially when the logo of the partner is placed on the screen, or by any indication on the relevant pages that may for example designate another company. The content and services offered by the Partners are not always offered directly by ZeMust, even when their visual presentation includes references to Weezed.

The contents and services offered by the Partners are not subject to these "Terms of Use"; the use of such content and services is at the sole discretion and under the sole responsibility of each Organization with respect to Weezed, a community of ZeMust, without liability for the latter. We recommend each organization to refer to the careful reading of their charter (partner’s) on the respect of the private life and their conditions of use. However, if the Organization goes to a site, and uses and / or consults content and services mentioning the logo and / or Weezed brand or the logo and / or brand of the partner and when this site does not have a charter regarding acceptable privacy, it should not hesitate to report it to us by sending an email via the link "CONTACT US" on the Site.

8) Terms of use of the sites and / or services whose references are indicated on the Site

The Site may offer each Organization information about other sites and / or services, for example by mentioning website addresses, and / or by the presence of hypertext links to these sites. Weezed cannot guarantee the content of this information or the information sent directly to the Organization if it opted to receive "Information from our partners". This information is made available to the user without liability being incurred by Weezed. It is the Organization's responsibility to check the content and services of these sites and / or services, and to be aware of their terms of use.


1) Protection of personal data

It is recalled that any constitution of files, of personal data is subject to authorization and / or declaration with the CNIL in application of the law nº78-17 of January 06, 1978, relating to data processing, files and freedoms, and of the Community Directive of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

As specified in the data protection notice published on the website www.weezed.fr, Weezed will use the personal information of each Organization to target e-mail deliveries and to optimize access to all services subject to registration. Moreover, to inform him about promotional offers, we will transmit his data to third party partners, after obtaining the agreement of the Organization. However, at any time, the Organization may oppose the transmission of this data by going to the "CONTACT US" section and sending an email to the following address: contact@zemust.fr: or by going to the "Modification" area and ticking the box to no longer receive offers from Weezed partners.

For the purposes of the search, finding and prosecution of criminal offenses, data concerning accommodation are kept confidentially for a maximum of one year. The starting point for this duration is the last connection of the Organization (or one of its members) to the Site. At the end of this one-year period, this data will be erased. ZeMust may be required to provide this data at the request of the competent judicial authorities.

2) Collection of information - Usage by weezed

Information is collected by ZeMust or its providers for the purpose of allowing a better management of Users, to better know the characteristics of Users to better meet their expectations, to allow them to offer customized service offers, to customize the advertising messages that will be addressed to Users, including by communicating to the contractors of weezed (ZeMust community) the files concerned and this, In particular, in the context of partnerships.

3) Optional or obligatory nature of the provision of information

By completing the form allowing the use of the Site, the Organization will be informed of the processing options defined above by reference to these General Terms and Conditions. Of Use.

Every Organization is free not to give the requested information, and therefore not to use the Site as consequence.

4) Right of rectification and opposition

Each Organization has the right to consult, modify or withdraw and make opposition to any personal data made known to weezed and possibly its partners when using the Site, and the database constituted by the registration data in accordance with the law. Each Organization may exercise these rights with ZeMust, weezed community, on the one hand by sending an email to the following address: ZeMust, 6 rue de la gare, 78300 Poissy FRANCE

On the other hand, by sending an email to the address: contact@zemust.fr after having visited the section "CONTACT US". All these personal data have formed the basis of a report which has been filed with the CNIL (Declaration number: 1853311) filed by the company ZEMUST SAS.

5) Use of Cookies

a) What is the use of Cookies issued on the site ?

When browsing our website, information about the navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be saved in "Cookies" files installed on your device. The Cookies we issue allow us to:

• adapt the presentation of our sites to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, resolution display, operating system used, etc.) during your visits to our site, depending on the visualization and reading devices and software your device contains,

• allowing you to access reserved and personal areas of our site, such as your account,

• to implement security measures, for example when you are asked to connect again to a content or service after a certain period of time.

b) Your choices about cookies

Many possibilities are available to manage Cookies. Any setting you may undertake may change your Internet browsing and your access to certain services that require the use of Cookies. You can choose at any time to express and modify your cookie wishes, by the means described below. If you refuse the registration of cookies in your terminal, or if you delete those registered there you will not be able to benefit from a number of features that are nevertheless necessary to navigate certain areas of our site. This would be the case if you were trying to access our content or services that require you to identify. This would also be the case when we could not recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your device, its language and display settings, or the country from which your device appears to be connected to the Internet. In this case, we cannot accept any liability for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of our services resulting from the impossibility for us to record or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and that you have refused or deleted.

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will let you know how to change your cookie wishes:

• Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en/kb/activate-deactivate-cookies

• Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en&ref_topic=14666

• Microsoft Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/block-enable-or-allow-cookies

• Microsoft Edge: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/edge-privacy-faq/

• Opera: http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/cookies/

6) Content and characteristics of the Site

ZEMUST strives, and is not bound to any obligation of result, to allow access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in case of force majeure or an event beyond the control of ZeMust, and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance required for the proper functioning of the site and services. Therefore, ZeMust cannot guarantee availability of the site and / or services, reliability of transmissions and performance in terms of response time or quality. No technical assistance is provided to the user by electronic or telephone means. The responsibility of ZeMust cannot be held liable in case of impossibility of access to this site and / or use of the services.

In addition, ZeMust may be required to interrupt the site or part of the services, at any time without notice , all without entitlement to compensation. The User acknowledges and agrees that ZeMust is not responsible for interruptions, and any consequences that may arise for the user or any third party.

The Site may offer links to other websites or other sources of information. managed by third parties ("partner sites"); ZeMust has no control over the content of these sites. Therefore, ZeMust can not be held responsible for any content that does not comply with the legislation in force.


1) Use of the Services and / or the Site

Each Organization (the organization and its members) is responsible for the confidentiality of his access code and his password. The Organization must ensure that it does not disclose its access code to third parties and immediately notify ZeMust if it is used after misuse of its password. ZeMust will then proceed to replace its password or cancel it. In any case, the Organization will be held responsible for the use of its password for illegal purposes.

The Organization undertakes not to propose to the public any sites or links, messages, images, texts, videos, sounds or animations or programs that may harm the image of ZeMust or not in compliance with French law.

The Organization is prohibited from advertising or any other form of advertising especially for other sites.

Every Organization is prohibited from disseminating any information, data, image, sound, or message of any kind that would be contrary to the laws and regulations in force in France or in his country of residence and those in force in the country to be received. Each Organization is prohibited from sending any messages of any kind that are prohibited for distribution and that, without this list being exhaustive, have the following characteristics:

• disguised advertising, chain letters, surveys, service proposals or products for commercial purposes,

• Messages that are abusive, defamatory, hateful, discriminatory, homophobic, or offensive to human dignity,

• Messages whose content may incite to the commission of crimes, misdemeanors or misdemeanors. acts of terrorism, or advocating war crimes or Nazism

• Messages of a pedophile nature,

• Messages that harm minor users, particularly violent or pornographic ones,

• Messages threatening or harassing another user,

• Violating messages the rights of third parties and in particular any patent, trademark, intellectual property right, or any other right of property,

• Messages containing a computer virus or any program that may cause harm to people or their property, or disrupt services and networks. ZEMUST may disclose any content to comply with applicable laws or regulations. if ZEMUST considers that such a measure is necessary, in the context of legal proceedings, to enforce the Site's Terms of Use, to respond to complaints and / or claims alleging infringement of the rights of third parties, to protect the rights or interests of ZEMUST, its users, or the public.Rules for the use of the InternetThe User declares to accept the characteristics and the limits of the Internet, and in particular recognizes that:

• ZEMUST assumes no responsibility for the services accessible through the internet and does not exercise any control in any form whatsoever on the nature and the characteristics of the data which could transit r via its server center

• The User acknowledges that data circulating on the Internet is not protected, in particular against possible diversions. The presence of the Weezed logo establishes a simple presumption of validity. The communication of any information deemed sensitive or confidential by the User is at his own risk

• The User acknowledges that the data circulating on the Internet can be regulated in terms of use or be protected by a right of ownership

• The User is solely responsible for the use of the data he / she consults, queries and transfers on the internet

• The User acknowledges that ZeMust has no means of controlling the content of the services available on the Internet.

non-compliance with these rules and practices, ZEMUST reserves the right to exclude the infringer.

2) Prohibition to reproduce and use the Service

No Organization shall in any way, reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purpose or for any other purpose whatsoever, all or part of the Site, any use of the Site, or any right of access to the Site.

It is forbidden to propose products and services providing the Organization with remuneration in a direct or indirect manner. Violation of these mandatory provisions subjects the offender, and all persons responsible, to the criminal penalties and civil penalties provided by law.

3) The content available on the Site

3.1 The content of the site

The content posted by ZEMUST on the Site, to know, in particular, without this being limiting, all information, data, texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, images, videos, messages, of any nature whatsoever, produced and published by ZeMust or by its partners (and especially by content providers and advertisers) (hereinafter "Site Content"), is protected by intellectual property. The Content of the Site, including news, articles, photographs, data and other information, is intended for the personal information of Users. Also, each Organization may download and print extracts of the Site Content for its own use and for non-commercial purposes only. Subject to this reservation, each Organization is prohibited from using it in any other way whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever. Any unauthorized use of any of the elements of the Site Content (texts, sounds and images) ) Consequently, and without this list being limiting, any dissemination, exploitation, representation, reproduction, transmission or total or partial use in any medium whatsoever of the Site Content, for purposes other than strictly personal, is prohibited and may lead to legal proceedings involving liability, including the user for infringement within the meaning of articles L 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code "weezed.fr" and "weezed" are registered trademarks and it is not possible to use or diffuse in any way that this the logo and or the name "weezed". The Site may contain hypertext links to other sites on the Internet. Links to these other resources make you leave the Site. It is possible to create a link to the presentation page of this site without the express permission of ZeMust. No authorization or request for prior information may be required by ZeMust for a site wishing to link to the ZeMust website. However, this site should be displayed in a new browser window. However, ZeMust reserves the right to request the deletion of a link that it deems non-compliant with the purpose of the site www.weezed.fr

3.2 The Contributions of the Organizations

Each Organization can contribute to Weezed within the framework of the Services by transmitting its own content including all textual data, comments, articles, video, images, audiovisuals, photographs, links (hereinafter "Contributions"), subject to compliance with these Terms of Use. By sending the Contributions to make them available on the Site.

3.2.1 Each Organization expressly authorizes ZEMUST to use, reproduce, publish and distribute all or part of the Contributions and to include it in the Site and the Services according to the terms set out in the present Terms of Use; Each Organization acknowledges that ZEMUST may reference all or part of the Contribution to facilitate the management of the storage and access to it. In addition, given the interactive nature of the internet, each Organization is aware that its Contribution (s) may be presented in different contexts, associated with other works, be the subject of partial holdings, and each Organization declares to accept it without restriction or reservation. However, each Organization is aware that the storage of content involves the compression and automatic encoding of Contributions and that these operations can sometimes lead to intrinsic degradation of quality. Consequently, each Organization accepts and assumes full responsibility, especially vis-à-vis all third parties. ZEMUST will nevertheless make all its best efforts to ensure an optimal quality of dissemination of the Contributions.

3.2.2 Each Organization grants ZEMUST worldwide and for the duration of legal protection granted to intellectual property rights in France and abroad, the non-exclusive and free right to use the Contribution (s) that each Organization stores, transmits or puts online on the Site in order to make it accessible in whole or in part to the other Organizations, and this, in whatever form it is and some is the mode of diffusion, to allow him to reproduce it, to publish it, to diffuse it and to adapt it for the purposes of supplying the Services, of their promotion and distribution, and this, on any support - in particular electronic and / or paper, on any Internet network and any third party sites.

3.2.3 Each Organization sends its Contributions to the Site on a voluntary basis. Their publication does not therefore entitle them to remuneration, which each Organization expressly accepts. Contributions may be disseminated by ZEMUST, on any page of the Site. ZEMUST has no publication requirements. His choice to go online or not is discretionary. ZEMUST reserves the right to modify, supplement or correct these Contributions, if deemed necessary. It also reserves the right not to publish or delete all or part of the Contributions without first notifying the Contributing Organization. It can do this, for example, in case of flagrant inaccuracy, content contrary to the editorial policy of the Site, off-topic or abusive, content contrary to the law. This right is discretionary. It is specified that if ZEMUST has the slightest doubt that the Organization does not necessarily have all the necessary authorizations, ZEMUST may ask for any supporting documents or delete the Contribution in question at any time. Similarly, ZEMUST may delete from the Site, at its convenience and at any time, any Contribution to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and compliance with these Terms of Use.

3.2.4 Each Organization declares and guarantees ownership or the holder of the necessary rights and / or authorizations relating to the copyrights or other intellectual property rights attached to the Contribution as well as any work (audiovisual, musical, photographic or other) that the Organization has incorporated into its Contribution. Every organization declares and guarantees to benefit from the prior written authorization of each natural person identifiable in its Contribution to use their name and / or their image and / or their voice, for the purposes of their distribution on the Site and / or within the Services , for use in accordance with the terms set forth in these Terms of Use.

3.2.5 Each Organization agrees to:

• Guarantee original content

• Not to include in the Contributions any material that is contrary to laws and regulations in force, namely violent, racist, abusive, harassing, criminal, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, offensive, indecent, intrusive to privacy or otherwise legally objectionable, which infringe the rights of third parties or are contrary to the Additional Terms of Service on which they wish to make available their Contribution (s) to users • Compensate ZEMUST for all of its staff, any subsidiaries and any other party liable for damages, including any legal and procedural costs that may be caused by any breach of the obligations set out in points (i) and (ii) above.


1) Limitations of Guarantees

Each Organization acknowledges and expressly agrees that: The use of the Site, its services and any element or information obtained through it is the sole responsibility of the user. It is strongly recommended to verify the accuracy and relevance of the information and / or documents made available on this Site. However, if this information and / or elements are likely to contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors, ZeMust reserves the right to right to correct them, as soon as these errors are brought to his attention. Each Organization is aware that it has used the Website "www.weezed.fr" which offers an accessible content "as is" according to the quality of the Internet. In particular, it is aware that ZEMUST does not provide any express or implicit guarantee concerning the quality and the compatibility of the site with the specific uses that the Organization made of it. ZEMUST releases any responsibility as for the possible challenges, actions or recourse of thirds which would be able to use rights including private rights, on any content not created by ZEMUST.The ZEMUST guarantee can not be retained in the event that a file or a downloaded material would result in damages or losses suffered by the Organization, consecutive to the download of the terminal equipment which is carried out at its own risk. The information and / or documents available on this site may be modified at any time, and may have been updated. In particular, they may have been updated between the time of their download and the moment when the user reads it.

2) ZeMust's liability limitation

The use of information and / or documents available on the website Site is under the full and sole responsibility of the user, who assumes all the consequences that may result, without ZeMust can be sought as such, and without recourse against it.Parent, ZEMUST can not be held responsible for the lack of performance of the site and / or software used or downloaded from the site, the loss of data or services resulting from the non-maintenance of deadlines, the modification, the suspension or the interruption of its services, or consequences arising directly or indirectly from the transmission of viruses through its servers. ZEMUST can not under any circumstances be held responsible for any direct damage. or indirect, including, without limitation, loss of profits, customers, data or any other loss of intangible property, loss of profits or any other loss or damage that may arise from the use or otherwise of the impossibility to access the website of any nature whatsoever resulting from the interpretation or use of the information and / or documents available on the Site.V - JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW The Terms of Use of the Site are governed by French law, whatever the place of use. In case of any dispute, and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Versailles will be competent to hear this dispute. For any question regarding these terms of use of the site, you can write to us at the following address: Courrier: ZeMust, 6 rue de la gare 78300 Poissy. email: contact@zemust.fr - tel: +33 (0) 1 72 54 36 33