By being a Weezed member, do I have the right to enjoy all the benefits?

Yes, as a member, you access all the benefits offered in the offer that your entity has previously adhered to.

Can I register my spouse for your services?

Insofar as you are registered, your spouse benefits from your subscription.

How to benefit my loved ones?

Your loved ones can get closer to their organization (company, works council, association, club) to consider that it is registered and then make him/her take advantage of the offer without additional cost. They can also contact us so that we can contact their organization (company, works council, association, club) by email, indicating as subject: register my organization (company, works council, association, club)

Can I also recommend services?


Am I limited by a number of services?

Unlimited offer of available services

I understand that you will facilitate access to services, will we have a private area?

Yes, your Weezed customer area is confidential. You access it by a confidential code

How can I go when I can not access a partner offer?

Via contact, you send us your request. We respond to it as soon as possible.

All information exchanged is archived to allow me to access it when I want?

Yes. These data are accessible from your space to give you a vision of your activity, your favorites.

When I fill in my profile, do you guarantee the confidentiality of the information?

Yes, your data is confidential. We meet the obligations of the CNIL, independent authority in France for data protection.

Can I offer a Weezed membership?

Yes, we can consider it, after reconciliation with the sponsored organization (company, works council, association, club).

Is the sponsorship interesting?

The more you recommend, the more benefits you will receive (in usable points on the site, in customer sponsorship)

If I am looking for a service that is not present on the platform, can I signify it?

Yes, you can suggest new services expected. We process your request and answer you in the best time.

I heard about a good plan, can I share it?

Yes, you have a social network to relay it on the platform

I wish a particular service, can you help me?

Yes, just post your need, and we will process it as soon as possible via our contact page

Can I order 7 days a week or 24 hours a day?

Yes, at any time depending on the availability of the partner's offers.