I Definitions

II The general conditions of registration


These General Terms and Conditions of Registration are concluded between ZeMust, a company by simplified share, with a share capital of € 4000, registered with the RCS of Versailles under the number SIREN: 803 055 292 whose head office is located at 4 Rue des Epinettes 78630 Morainvilliers and its offices at 6 rue de la Gare 78300 Poissy,

Hereinafter referred to under the trademark "WEEZED",

Represented by Mrs ROBILLARD Lynda, acting in her capacity as President,

And any entity (Works Council, Association ...) as well as any individual registered with this entity and who registers with WEEZED (hereinafter referred to as "Registered").

These General Conditions of Registration govern the conditions under which the registrant accesses a selection of services and products offered for sale by a WEEZED Partner.

(Hereinafter referred to as "the Offer").

These General Conditions of Registration are valid for Metropolitan France and abroad only and may, if necessary, be supplemented by special conditions.

These General Conditions of Registration shall prevail over any other general conditions of purchase.

WEEZED reserves the right to modify its General Conditions of Registration at any time. The conditions applicable are those in force on the date of the order. These General Conditions of Registration are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Versailles are only competent.

These General Conditions of Registration, any special conditions issued by WEEZED, the subscription form, the activation email of the registered account constitute the Registration Agreement.


In these General Conditions of Registration, the terms referred to below shall have the following meaning:

Registration: means the Registration by the Registered Person under the conditions defined in these General Conditions of Registration and in the Registration Form attached to it.

The Subscriber is an entity (Works Council, Association ...) as well as any natural person registered with this entity and who adheres to WEEZED and can justify its status or a legal entity that can justify its existence.

Partner: Refers to the legal person and / or the commercial sign offering an Offer on the WEEZED site for the benefit of WEEZED members.


Article 1: object

1.1 WEEZED offers its Registrants access to privileged offers such as but not limited to discount codes or coupons, preferential offers on Partner sites, affiliation, on show ticketing sites, intended for private use and non-commercial Registrants, as well as products, offers or services negotiated specifically for the benefit of Registered Members and offered for sale by the Partner (hereinafter referred to as "the Offer") on the website (" the Site ").

Article 2 - How to become a member of WEEZED?

2.1 Entry into force - Duration of registration

The Registration Agreement comes into effect on the activation date of the Subscriber's account by WEEZED. Account activation by WEEZED occurs when all of the following conditions are met, namely:

- all the information provided by the Subscriber to subscribe to the Registration is complete and validated,

- Registration is subscribed for a fixed term of one year from the date of activation of the subscriber's account by WEEZED. It may be renewed for an identical duration as soon as the registration conditions set out above are met [RL1].

2.2 Registration by the Registered Person implies acceptance by the latter of all the terms and conditions of Registration and the general conditions of use of the Site as detailed on the Site.

WEEZED is free to modify without prior notice at any time and unilaterally all or part of the general conditions of registration.

Article 3 - Why does one become a registered WEEZED?

3.1 Conditions of the Offer

WEEZED reserves the right to modify all or part of the Offer offered as part of the Registration without prior notice.

The Offer is valid subject to availability and is subject to the conditions of sale issued by the Partner.

WEEZED cannot be held responsible for the modifications made by the Partner, it is therefore the registrant to consult and verify the validity of the Offer on the Site.

3.2 Registration includes access to an Accessible Offer with an access code dedicated exclusively to the Registrant.

3.3 WEEZED offers its Registrants upon presentation of the "Weezed" Registration Card and / or upon presentation of a coupon or a discount code printed on the Site, to obtain benefits from Weezed Partners. The coupons and discount codes can be materialized or electronic and can be used according to the indications of the Partner either in its establishments or on the internet or by phone.

- The benefits granted may vary according to the Offer and are applicable on public rates (excluding promotion and special offer) unless otherwise specified in the Offer.

- To benefit from the Offer and confirm a reservation, the Registrant must respect the booking methods (telephone, internet, card) mentioned on each Offer and apply to the Partner using the contact information provided in the Offer. No discount can be awarded retroactively.

3.4 Each purchase order made by the Registered to the Partner is subject exclusively to the sales conditions of the Sales Partner.

The terms of the commercial transaction between the Partner and the Registered are in no way attributable against WEEZED and WEEZED cannot be held liable. The confirmation, the payment of the price and the management of the purchase order made by the Subscriber must therefore be done directly with the Partner.

For free and without any obligation of result from him, WEEZED will intervene with the Partner to attempt to resolve an Inscriber's dissatisfaction caused by a potential breach on the part of the Partner.

3.5 The benefit of the Offer is granted personally to the Subscriber and is not transferable to a third party. It is therefore strictly forbidden to sell for profit the products and services acquired by the Inscriber under the Offer.

Article 4 - Interruption of service

WEEZED can not be held responsible in the event of temporary or permanent interruption of access to its website, which is not of its own; in particular in the event of a general power outage, natural disasters or the connection problem of the Subscriber due to failures of its internet access or its equipment.

WEEZED can in no way be held responsible in case of disappearance, loss, destruction, breakdown or malfunction and, more generally, any damage or event that may affect the Registrant's access to the WEEZED website.

Article 5 - Financial Conditions

5.1 The payment of the full price displayed in the Offer is due from the purchase made by the Registrant on the WEEZED site.

5.2 The price is in Euros TTC unless mentioned otherwise.

Weezed does not margin on the products presented for sale on its site, discounted price at cost.

Charged Operating costs cover the activity.

5.3 The sale is made at the receipt of payment on the account of ZeMust.

The registered proceeds to the online payment (Visa , Carte Bleue, Eurocard, MasterCard)

Weezed uses the Crédit Mutuel Arkea payment system to secure online payments made on the Site.

The payment is subject to validation of the payment transaction. The payment is made in full by debit on the credit card whose number is communicated by the Contributor during each payment on the secure payment server.

Bank details: ZeMust company, IBAN: FR76 3007 6043 1713 3545 0020 052 to the Credit du Nord of Poissy.

Solidarity schemes: Donors, individuals or companies, can support the charity Rêves Partagés by a settlement to the euro just. It can thus contribute by this donation to the projects of the settlements coming from the isolated territories or in great economic and social difficulties [RL2] .

Article 6 – Termination

6.1. A Subscriber may at any time terminate this agreement and request in this case the deletion of Personal Data. With the exception of the case of withdrawal referred to in Article 6.2 below, unilateral termination by the Subscriber will not give right to any refund from WEEZED.

6.2 Retractation In accordance with Article L 121 - L 120 of the Consumer Code, the Registrant has a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) clear days from the opening of his Registrant account. As part of this withdrawal, any registrant may exercise this right without having to justify any reason or to pay penalties and will be refunded the price paid for the purchase made within fourteen (14) clear days from its retractation. .

6.3 At any time WEEZED reserves the right to terminate this contract and to close the account of a Subscriber if it violates any principle set forth in these Terms and Conditions and / or General Conditions of Use of the Site .

In this case the termination and closure of the corresponding account will not give rise to any particular formality notified to the Registrant and no right to compensation in favor of the Registrant.

Finally, termination of Registration by WEEZED, will be without prejudice of any action for compensation or exercise of any rights against the Registrant.

Article 7 - Personal Data

7.1 The use of personal information ("Personal Data") concerning the Registrants of WEEZED has been the subject of a formal declaration to the CNIL within the framework of the law of January 6, 1978.

The Registered may exercise his right of access, rectification and opposition on his Personal Data by writing to or to the attention of WEEZED, platform ZeMust, 6 rue de la gare, 78300 Poissy by joining at his request the copy of a proof of identity.

7.2 The Personal Data of the Subscriber is intended for WEEZED for the management of this contract. Personal Data concerning WEEZED Registrants remains confidential and cannot be communicated to third parties. They are used only for the processing of the order and (unless otherwise expressly notified) to reinforce and personalize the communication and the offer of products, reserved for WEEZED Members. They can be the subject of a transfer to third party only after personal agreement of the Registrant.

The Registered authorizes WEEZED to use Personal Data in order to define typologies of users allowing to propose products and services adapted to the needs and / or uses of its Registrants.

7.3 On the other hand WEEZED does not store, process and / or transmit any bank card data communicated by the Registrant that will be managed by the payment platform. WEEZED is not responsible for this data and has no obligation to comply with the PCI DSS.

Article 8 - Prices and description of the products and services of the Partner Offer

8.1 The description of the products and services of the Partner Offer proposed on the Site reproduces the information provided by the Partner.

The photographs, images, descriptions and information mentioned about each product or service displayed on the Site and any other support issued by WEEZED are not contractual and are communicated to the Registrant for information only.

WEEZED reserves the right to modify at any time the prices and availability of the Offer published on the Site.

8.2 Vouchers and Gift Certificates:

Within the limit the conditions of the object of purchase as defined in 5.3 above, vouchers are valid in the stores of the Partners concerned. Some Partner stores reserve the right to accept them during the sales period. WEEZED can not be held responsible for a refusal in store, it is up to each Member to inquire the corresponding Partner. Some purchase orders are subject to restrictions by the Partner, these are specified in the indications of the Offer published on the WEEZED Website and may also be mentioned when the order is taken into account, in particular by consulting the conditions on the Partner's website.

8.3 Sports and leisure products and services

Each Partner issues its own regulation which defines the conditions of access to its facilities such as but not limited to opening and closing hours.

It is therefore appropriate for the Registrant to be aware of all access conditions published on the Partner's website.

Article 9 - Place an order with the Partner

9.1 Access to the order to the Partner from the Site is done as follows:

- Order on the site using the forms provided for this, duly completed,

- Use for connection of the login and password granted by WEEZED at the time of subscription by the Registrant,

- Select choices in the Offer on the Site, those are taken back by the shopping cart,

- Respect the booking and / or payment methods indicated according to the service / product ordered from the Partner

9.2 If the service / product offered requires a reservation, WEEZED can:

  • Make a countermark available to the Registrant to present and pay to the Partner or
  • Indicate that the reduction will be granted by the Partner on presentation of the card of the Member when he / she purchases from the Partner or
  • Grant an access code to allow the Subscriber when purchasing from Partner to benefit from the promotion mentioned in the Offer.

9.3 In all cases, the payment corresponding to the product / service command by the Subscriber intervenes directly with the Partner according to its own general conditions of sale.

The purchase transaction is carried out at the time of payment by the Registered Partner of the corresponding price from the Partner.

A summary statement of orders, with comments or not, in the shopping cart appears in the Subscriber space created on the Site.

Article 10 - Delivery method by WEEZED

None if the conditions indicated by the Offer stipulate otherwise, WEEZED uses a download delivery method in the Registered space, the delivery cannot exceed thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

WEEZED does not charge any processing or delivery fees.

Article 11- Availability of Products / Services of the Partner

The availability of the product / service is under the management of the stock of the Partner. In case of default by the Partner, WEEZED may propose to the Registrant who requests it, and if the nature of the product / service allows, an equivalent product / service, and this always to the extent of the available stocks of the Partner concerned.

Article 12 - Obligation of the Registered User

The Registered must comply with the expiry dates of purchase orders, gift cards, tickets, as well as the conditions of use of these products / services

Vouchers, gift cards, tickets and registrations downloaded or transmitted by WEEZED cannot be exchanged or converted into currency or used to pay any debt. In any case, they are not means of payment in the sense of banking regulation.

Article 13 – Responsibilities

The present Registration Agreement does not create any joint and / or solidary liability of WEEZED with the Partner.

WEEZED cannot be held liable responsible in the event that some Partner brands disappear or no longer accept gift vouchers, gift cards, tickets and sports registrations for any reason whatsoever.

In this context, it is expressly understood that the Partner is solely responsible for the goods, products or services that they market and that would be acquired by the registered customer.

In addition, it is reminded that partner retailers accepting gift vouchers, gift cards, tickets and registrations are not required to reimburse goods and services already acquired by using the said purchase orders, gift cards, tickets and registrations, or to accept in any case, vouchers, gift cards, tickets and registrations for payment of services that may already be subject to certain price reductions.

Finally, if the Inscriber publishes an image or any graphic or media support on his personnel space open on the Site and that this action exposes WEEZED to claims or recourses of third parties or any authorities, on the one hand WEEZED will proceed to the termination of the Registration and this in accordance with the conditions defined above in article 6.3 and on the other hand, WEEZED reserve the right to take action against him or her for damages.

For any information, WEEZED is at your disposal: